At first light we leave Naples and start our trek to Marathon. It will be a 100+ mile day and we will need every bit of daylight we can get.

I have a few apprehensions about leaving this morning. The forecast is for some pretty rough seas the further south we get.

But we throw caution to the wind and take off. We know the boat can take it.

Notice to Mariners>>>> Leaving Gordon Pass out of Naples, I run aground in the middle of the channel. It is obviously shoaling in. Luckily we push over the hump and get underway.

The forecast was correct and we did see 3 to 5’s out there. These are not huge seas but in 20 feet of water the waves are stacked up and hitting us about every 20 seconds. It makes for an uncomfortable day. (The Crab traps were everywhere.) Radar did not like it at all and preferred to go below and stay in bed.

Istaboa was totaly salted from stem to stern.

But all’s well that ends well…

We arrive at Marathon just in time for this glorious sunset.

One Response to “The Keys”

  1. Daniella
    14 March 2007 at 4:45 pm #

    Hi guys
    Happy Birthday Radar (and your mom!) We just did the trip to Marathon last month under the same conditions – salt everywhere!!!! Glad you arrived safely – enjoy your stay there.
    Daniella, Joe, Joseph & Boo