After walking across A1A to eyeball the seas, I decide it will be a bit lumpy but doable. We crank up and cast off and head out through Port Everglades. We are now committed.
Leaving the cut at Port Everglades was a bit rough but according to NOAA the seas will lay down soon. I have got to quit believing NOAA. It never did lay down, just got more chunky.
Poor Radar and Sadie. They don’t understand why their world becomes so unstable sometimes. They like the spot in the Pilothouse under my feet for some reason.
But after 8 hours or so of 6 to 8 footers right off our nose. Pounding all the way. We have West End in sight. Old Bahama Bay at West End on Grand Bahama Island.
Happy days!!

2 Responses to “The Bahamas!! Finally”

  1. Bob, Melonie, Sadie, and Radar Taylor
    3 April 2007 at 5:52 pm #

    Thank you Joanne,
    We have been having a great time but it is better in the islands.
    Nice to be here.
    I will put a post on the Abaco Forum.
    Thanks again for your nice comment.
    Bob and Melonie

  2. Joanne
    3 April 2007 at 12:20 pm #

    Congradulations on finally crossing the stream. You are living our dream, right down to the two doggies with you. Love your blog. You should also post on another venue for Abaco lovers. Have a great trip.