We had a nice time with the folks on the dock last night. We played Abaco Trivia. Which sounds kinda corny but it turned out to be fun. John from “Slainte” put together all the questions and answers. Entry fee was a bottle of beer per person or a bottle of wine for a couple. The winning team picked a bottle each of whatever they wanted as a prize. We won a bottle of Kalik… We didn’t win.
It was fun hangin out with everyone and making new friends. That’s one of the nice things this lifestyle offers. We will see some of these folks many times while we are cruising around. We sat with a couple we met in Key West 3 years ago. Skip and Terry onboard “Sea Eagle”
Happy days!!

One Response to “Last night in Marsh Harbour”

  1. Anonymous
    19 April 2007 at 10:49 pm #

    so glad you are loving our great island