We rented a golf cart yesterday and rode around the island for a while.

We wanted to go to Tahiti Beach and let Radar run around but it was very crowded. Wasn’t low tide yet so not much beach out anyway.

We carted over to the Abaco Inn and saw how flat the seas were. So we opted to take advantage of a good day on the water.
We went back to the boat, hopped in the dingy, and went to Cracker P’s for lunch.
It was such a nice day out that we ran across the Sea of Abaco to Hope Town. We did the usual things. Went to Capt. Jacks for a cold Kalik, Vernon’s Grocery to pick up some of his famous pie and homemade bread, and saw a few of our cruising friends from Marsh Harbour.

We dinked back home then later carted back to Hope Town for dinner at Harbours Edge.
Rack of Lamb! mmmmm (you were right Jim)

Happy days!!

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