Plans were made with new friends (Bernie and Pam) to dink down to Sandy Cay for some snorkeling.
Sandy Cay is a Bahamian National Sea Park so it is protected from fishing or anchoring on the reef. It is a beautiful reef that is relatively shallow and perfect for snorkeling. Depths range from 3′ to 20′ or so. Fish, Morays, Lobster, and lots of Eagle Rays.

Melonie and the rest of the istaboa crew stayed on the boat while Pam, Bernie, and I made the run to Sandy. On this day it was a bit swelly down toward the ocean inlets that are east of Sandy and in a 11′ dingy it was a little rolly. But other than getting wet we made it without incident and grabbed a mooring ball.
I guess because it was kinda rough we had the place to ourselves. Once we were in the water it was a great day for snorkeling. Slack tide and clear water.

Happy days!!
(I did take pictures at Sandy but they are on film… so I ripped these photos from the net)

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