For some reason we are still having problems posting photos. Not quite sure what the problem is but we will post the shots of the Tennessee River cruising area soon.

So in the meantime… what a nice time we had yesterday. Everyone here is in the same boat so to speak. Too windy for the fishing folks to fish. Too rough for us cruisers to cruise. But we are making the most out of a not so pleasant situation.

Dave (Island Girl) and I took his Albury Brothers 20′ over to Marsh Harbour for supplies. What a trip that was. What a sweet boat that Albury is. They have been handmade by the Albury family here in the Abacos for years and man they handle a rough day on the Sea of Abaco with ease. Very soft and dry on this very chunky day.

Then as the day was winding down Kevin, who is the mate on Stinger, seared their surplus Yellowfin Tuna with a teriyaki glaze and a wasabi sauce and was generous enough to share with the folks on the dock. Not bad chow for a boat dock happy hour. Fresh Ahi Tuna! Just caught!

Dave was kind enough to invite folks without Directv over to his boat to watch the season finale of 24. Boy did he have a boat full. The rest of us swapped DVDs and VHF tapes. We are all preparing for a long week of wind. (David Cole if you read this… We are really enjoying the first 2 seasons of 24. That’s why we didn’t join the others for the season finale.)

All the dock dogs had fun too. They were all allowed to snoop around unleashed and play freely. Bet they got their fair share of Tuna also.

So life is still good here… much better than a day behind the desk. But we are ready to move when the opportunity arises.

Happy days

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