Woke up this morning thinkin about when we were going to leave and start heading back home and it finally hit me. Yeah the wind is blowin like stink, We can’t go out in the dink and play, but we are in a beautiful place. We now have a bad case of Rock Fever. We need to get over it and look on the bright side. So while Melonie was sleeping in I walked over the dune and watched the early morning sun paint the ocean side.
A good friend of mind who lived on Saint Thomas for a few years told me about this Rock Fever thing. He said it usually starts with bad weather that won’t allow you to do anything outdoors. Then that is compounded by boredom which is followed by excessive drinking and eating. Then Bang! It hits you. Rock Fever.
According to my friend, the only cure is to look for the good in the bad and

go out and brave the elements. Of course after a few good days of good weather you forget the whole thing.
So my walk on the beach was a good thing. Because the wind is so high I was completely alone which allowed me to pick up a lot of shells and glass. (lookin for the good in the bad)
It was a really nice walk even though I had to stop and remove the salt from my glasses every 5 minutes. But I do feel better so who knows maybe we will brave the Sea of Abaco and head over to Tahiti beach and then to Cracker P’s today.
Here’s hoping for…
Happy days

One Response to “Rock Fever”

  1. Jackie Glisson
    27 May 2007 at 11:20 am #

    Bob and Melonie,

    I have enjoyed your “sea adventures”…what a wonderful life!

    We’d love to see you guys when you get home…share dinner and stories of your travels.

    Be safe,
    Jackie and Jay