The effects of Tropical Storm Barry.
Winds were 30 to 40 and seas were 8 to 10 with some higher.
We are happy to be tied up at a marina.We walked out to Settlement Point to watch a fellow bring a Sport Fish boat through Indian cay channel.
Man… he got his hat handed to him… but he made it in OK
Later a fellow in a 32′ sailboat called out on the radio asking for help getting into the marina channel. A tow?
No one answered…
You can’t tell by these photos but the rollers into the marina channel were 6 to 8 and breaking. no one was going out there. Finally a captain from a boat here at the marina talked the guy into anchoring just onto the Bahama Bank behind a shoal. The sailboater would have never made the cut and and ended up on the rocks. He later called back to say he was safely anchored at Barracuda Shoal. That it was very rough but they were safe. Good decision.
This poor guy had his new wife onboard and they had been sailing through this stuff for two days. Great way to start a marriage. If she sticks with him through this… he better hold on to her.

Today will be the last day for us in the Bahamas. We have been tucked away at Old Bahama Bay for a few days and we are ready to get back home to the USA.
This trip has been like climbing a mountain… working like hell to get here, fighting the wind all the way, only to get to the peak, have a big time, and start working our way back down.
It has been worth every minute and every mile. Now it’s time to head for home. We are sure this will be a trip also.

Happy days

One Response to “Blowin when we got here… Blowin when we leave”

  1. Joanne
    4 June 2007 at 10:55 am #

    Have a safe journey back. We have enjoyed reading your blog. Keep us posted on the trip home.
    Tight Lines,
    Joanne & Steve
    Delray Beach, FL