In an earlier post we mentioned the Fishing tournament. We decided to stick around to try out the new restaurant Chuck had mentioned so we had to endure the crowds that the tournament drew. It was interesting to watch the process of the whole thing. The sponsors of the tournament went to great lenghts to keep the fish alive. Special bags, special fluids to keep the fish in, and a tube to release the fish through. (Unfortunately for the fish it didn’t work very well. Later that day after the tournament was over and everyone was gone there were dead Bass floating everywhere.)

We were walking around the marina looking at the facility and the boats when we met this delightful lady. Her name is Mo and she’s 72. She and her dog Honey live aboard her boat Motu. She has been a liveaboard for over thirty years. We enjoyed her company and her stories so much we invited her to dinner at Woody’s on the Water. It was a great meal and Mo made it even better with her stories of sailing the world. She is heading to Pickwick so we are sure we will see her again.
After dinner we walked the pups and met a few more.

Next up: Almost home… Bay Springs lake.

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