So it’s a beautiful morning as we leave Hales Bar and start our way back home. The fresh early light makes Painted Bluff glow. And the closer we get the more it glows…
The colors are really amazing…
Then we see our first Eagle. He’s off in the distance so the pic is a little fuzzy.
Then as we round the bend toward Goose Pond Marina the sky changes
The wind picks up and the makings of a storm are in the air.

One Response to “On the way home”

  1. Daniella
    16 November 2007 at 5:00 pm #

    Just caught up with your week – the pictures are FABULOUS! What a beautiful place to boat. Sorry work is calling you back. Palm Island was good – heading to Useppa Island tomorrow. Enjoy your trip back. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Boo sends Radar hugs!