As we leave Apalach we head out thru Goverment Cut. Of course we bump ground as we always seem to do here. But we make it out just fine.

The seas are flat calm this night and as the sun sets we have that whole surreal thing going on. When the sun is just below the horizon it’s light blends in with the ocean and for a moment the sky and sea appear to be one. One of those things that makes us do this stuff.

The moon didn’t rise until around 10pm on this cloudless night and the stars were out in all their glory. The Milky Way was blazing!

Then the moon came up and lit up the horizon just enough to make us comfortable. It was a beautiful night.
Flat seas, fat moon…

And right on schedule “Here comes the Sun”. We are always glad to see it but hate to lose all the magic and color of the night. What a night it was. We don’t get many of these.

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