I finally got around to finishing up the blog for the year.
After coming back from our Tennessee River Cruise, we just did normal holiday things.
And worked!

Since then we have brought Istaboa back down the Tenn-Tom and been stuck in Mobile.
Orange Beach that is…

Though Orange Beach, AL is a nice place to be stuck, family issues sadly forced us to delay our trip to the Yucatan until next year.
So, as far away as we ventured was Pensacola, FL.
Family and friends have made up for our disappointment.
I haven’t started the layout yet but I will start writing and posting pics again at a new address.
So… from the crew of Istaboa… Melonie, Radar, and Bob
Goodbye for now.
PS… We are at Dog River Marina in Mobile. Sonny Middleton, the owner and operator has been selling fuel at his cost. Just to help us cruising types keep cruising. So if you’re in the area and need service… Call Dog River! they are the best.
Thanks Sonny

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