So last Saturday we decided we had waited long enough… Business may make us turn around and head back to Memphis at any time–but– at the last minute we threw caution to the wind and took off cruising up the river. So far so good. Nothing out of Memphis yet. On the first leg we go to Florence, Alabama. This day folks were not happy in Alabama because of their last minute loss to LSU’s football team.
It was a beautiful day as you can tell in the above picture of the sailboat with it’s Spinnaker out. Nice colors.

Then oddly enough we were strafed by two Army Helicopters.
Up in Panther Cove we spot this pretty little boat. We have since seen her again. “Gatsby”

We tie up at Florence Harbor Marina for the night and kick back to watch the new Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers DVD. Runnin down a dream. It was great. 4 hours long– so we only watch half.

The next day brings Joe Wheeler State Park Marina.

Happy days

(finally cruisin again)

One Response to “The Tennessee River Fall Color Cruise”

  1. Daniella
    9 November 2007 at 10:15 am #

    Glad to see you cruisin again! Enjoy, it looks beautiful. We are heading out this morning to Palm Island for a long weekend. The weather is perfect – 75 for the high.