So here we are in Marathon… our favorite place in the keys. The place has changed a bit.

Gone is our old home marina in the keys, Faro Blanco. They have ripped out the hurricane damaged boathouses and the rest is like a beat up old skeleton of what it used to be.
No more Happy Hour on the dock to watch the sun go down with Mort and Estelle. Billy’s garden has been bull dozed away. About the only thing left is the old marina office but without Merle and Bill and their mean ass little dog, Binicle. Not much left but the memories.
Oh well… as Mort always said. “Happy Days” and they were.

But some things are just as good. We take Radar for his first restaurant adventure. You see, here in Marathon it is cool to take your dog into most of the restaurants.
We go to the Castaway which is next door to the best fish market in the keys. We think this is the best and freshest fish in town.
Radar was a perfect gentleman. (except when the cat showed up)
We go to Marathon Seafood and buy a few pounds of Stone Crab Claws for appetizers.
Fresh and Good.
Happy days!!

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