According to NOAA

“Mostly south winds near 15 knots…becoming southwest late. Seas beyond the reef 3 to 5 feet. Seas inside the reef around 2 feet. Nearshore waters a moderate chop. Winds and seas higher near scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms.”

Seas inside the reef around 2 feet


This is not Istaboa but that is how it felt all day.

And in Hawks Channel.

Honestly…I’m sure it wasn’t that bad

Now we are anchored out at Rodriquez Key and hoping for a better tomorrow.

Poor Radar and Sadie had a bad day.
Sadie does seem much happier now.
(everyone has been wanting a picture of Sadie so here it is.)
We had a nice stay at Marathon. The people are for the most part pretty good folks.
We ran in to Budda Bill from Faro Blanco and even Dan and Carol from the infamous Mort and Estelle happy hours.
As we walked out of West Marine and I was calling a cab, a fellow offered us a ride. When we got in his car we asked where he was from. Memphis!!
We had a lot of friends in common and he kept his boat at Grand Harbor at Pickwick. He was even a customer of Boatronix.
Small world.
Here’s hoping for tomorrow to be a smoother day.
Happy Days!!

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