After cleaning the salt from the boat we looked around and noticed we were surrounded by old friends. Cliff and Betty on “Barbara K” from Faro Blanco at Marathon, the family on “Adirondack” we met in Chattanooga, and Carlos and his wife Martina on their 62 Nordhavn “Lone Wolf” we met last year here at Old Bahama Bay.
Only problem was they were all leaving and heading back to the states. Still nice to see them all again.
We had Dinner with Cliff and Betty.

“Lone Wolf” leaving for Palm Beach.


We took the puppies down to the beach for a swim. Sadie loves the beach and even though it hurts her back she will still swims out for the stick.

Radar on the other hand feels no pain and loses his mind. The little guy loves to swim and will swim for the stick as long as we will throw it.

Happy days!!

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