Blowin, Blowin, Blowin!!!

Front came through last night and man was it blowing. I heard on the net this morning someone at Guana Cay clocked over 70 knots of wind at some point.

We stayed up till the brunt of it went through which was about 11:30 eastern. Then went to bed hoping we would not be awakened during the night by the sound of a sailboat bangin against our hull. Nothing has happened so far but it’s still gusting 25 to 30 and mashing our beam up against dock.
But there is this one old abandoned sailboat at anchor that is worrying the crap out of me. His stern seems to be inching closer all the time.
Oh well, it wouldn’t be the Abacos without a blow.
Happy days!! (we hope)
(Thanks to Knotty Dog for the pic on the right)

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