If you come to the Abacos you must experience Little Harbor and Pete’s Pub.
I won’t go into the history or details of the place but you can click on the link above and find out all there is to know about Pete and his slice of paradise at Little Harbor.

Everyone has a Pete’s story which usually has something to do with drinking Blasters. If they can remember it.
Our story goes back to the late 80’s or early 90’s (blasters were involved so I’m not sure Karen!)
We had anchored out with our friends Karen and Dick on their boat “Beyond the Wind” in Little Harbor. In those days Pete’s was kind of a cross between a biker bar, pirate’s haven, and an artist’s venue. Lots of very colorful characters to say the least… Pete being one of them.
I had absorbed enough Blasters to get out my guitar and was doing my old folk singer gig. (which I still remembered in those days)
You’ll have to use your imagination to appreciate the rest of the story.
The sun was already in the Sea of Abaco and giving off a nice warm light when I notice two sailboats ghost into the harbor. I’m singin an old John Prine tune as I eye the silhouette of three or four dingies full of folks coming off the sailboats and rowing toward shore. I’m thinkin… Great! Bigger party! The dingies land and still with the light in my eyes I see a figure walking toward the bar then a kid appears and asks the bartender in a nasally prepubescent little voice, “Excuse me sir. Do you sell fruit juice?”. The whole place erupts in laughter and scares the poor kid to death. That’s when we all look around and realize we have been invaded by Boy Scouts. Must have been 30 of them and they were staking out tents to camp out all night.
Well… Even though we were all pirates, sailors, and general nairdowells we didn’t want to corrupt the youth of America with our brand of having fun. So we loaded up our dingies and headed back out to our boats to continue on with our mild form of debauchery.
Could have been a great night but turned into a funny story instead.

You would have never seen this sign in the old days.

Pete’s has changed a lot since those days. Much more family friendly now and honestly… the food is way better. But gone is the 151 rum in the Blasters and the characters have lost their color.

Pete has a way of positioning things around that creates the ambiance of a shipwrecked pirate’s lair/artist’s loft. The flotsam and jetsam is either strategically placed or naturally slung around by the last hurricane but however it gets there it works nicely.
More Little Harbor pics here.

Happy days!!

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