Thought we would show everyone how this sojourn started.
February 19th we broke ice leaving Tennessee.
28 degrees

But we knew there was a better world awaiting. Warm winds, turquoise seas, and island life.

It took us about six weeks but…
Look at us now.

We really haven’t done much for the last couple of days. We have finally achieved the real island state of mind. Which is a lot more laid back than tourist mode.

Dinked into Hope Town a couple of times for groceries from Vernon’s and a beer at Captain Jacks. Reading books and taking naps. A beer at lunch–take a nap. Pretty exciting stuff!

Yesterday, Junior at Seaspray put together a pool for the Kentucky Derby. 10 bucks a ticket. Our friend and boat neighbor, Charlie, won with Street Sense. $125.00 Way to go Charlie!!

Our nice Insurance guy, Tom, has given us an extra 30 days before we must trudge back to Tennessee, so we don’t feel like we must jam as much fun into each day as we have since we arrived.

We don’t want to rub it in friends, employees, customers, and family; we honestly wish you were here but we have to say it.

Life is really-really good

Happy days!!
One at a time.

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