Well it looks like Blogspot fixed the photo upload problem.
The Tennessee River is an absolutely beautiful river. Especially in the fall.
For years it was almost unheard of for cruisers from other parts of the country and the world to take the time to cruise the Tennessee. But all that has changed. The folks who do the Great Loop have decided to make it a part of the Loop. They have an official organization, The American Great Loop Association that has a rendezvous every year that brings in hundreds of cruisers to the Tennessee.
The river is nice and deep for just about it’s whole length (which is 750 miles) and is very well marked. A nice marina is always close and usually will have a good restaurant. Slip fees will average 75 cents a foot with power and water.
This photo is Istaboa tied up at Joe Wheeler state park in Florence, Alabama. A nice, clean, and very well protected marina.
We do a fall river cruise every year.

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