We finally quit whining and loaded up Radar and dinked into Hope Town.
Wanted to go to Captain Jack’s but they refused to serve Radar. Told us to tie him to a pole outside the restaurant. Puppy discrimination. Call the ASPCA… or maybe the BSPCA.
So we went to Harbor’s Edge which is Dog friendly and had lunch.
The folks above were having quite a time. We think they helped us come out of our funk.

Saw this little guy while we were there. We thought he was just another pampered pet until his human told us he was 18 years old. That’s 126 in human years. He deserves to be carted around.

So now the winds are starting to subside a bit and our mindset is in a better place now.

Thinking about leaving Sea Spray today and Heading to Marsh… then maybe over to Guana for a day or two before working back home.

Happy days…. again

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