As I said earlier, leaving Sea Spray is going to be a sad day. It was.

This is our buddy Charlie. He is without a doubt the best boat neighbor one could have. He looks after everyone on the dock. Worried about the dogs… checked on all of us the morning after a night of too much fun… let Mel bum the occasional cigarette. Truly a sweet, sweet guy. We will miss him most of all.
Charlie, we hope for you nothing but good things and most of all we hope to see you again at Sea Spray next year.

The next few post will be pics and stories of the Sea Spray clan. They made the good days better and the bad days good. How lucky we were to have made all of their acquaintances.
Sometimes not so Happy days….

Today we are back at Harbour View Marina in Marsh Harbour. It’s good to see Troy and the boys again.

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