Spanish Cay was a much more enjoyable experience than before. The power worked, the wind was out of the east, and we actually walked around the island. The beaches are deserted and out on the flats you could see schools of Bonefish. I wish I would have taken my camera because we walked through a forest of overturned trees that were bleached out. Kinda like a horizontal silver forest. Picture the silver trees back lit by the white sand beach contrasted by the turquoise waters. That would have been the picture.
Left Spanish yesterday with a following sea. A nice run.
As we were passing Mangrove Cay I heard a British fellow making a distress call to Ocean Rescue Freeport. Then he asked for a radio check so I answered him. He asked if I would relay a call to Ocean Rescue. I tried but got no response. He told me he had a battery explosion and asked for my help. I asked if he was in danger and he replied no. I then asked if he was a sailboat and he replied, “yes, I am the black pirate ship anchored in the lee of Mangrove”.
Well we are pretty considerate folks…. but when he said Pirate ship and my radar showed no one around us at all. He may as well have told us he was the guy with the TB super bug. Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent. He was a sailboat, he could sail. So we passed by Mangrove uneventfully

Turning to port at Memory Rock. Went from 12 feet to 900 feet in 30 seconds
Went to Memory Rock and hung a hard left. Then the nice following sea we had enjoyed all day turned into a nasty port quartering sea. About an hour and a half later we were sittin pretty at Old Bahama Bay.
All’s well that ends well.
I told the folks at OBB about the Pirate boat in distress and asked if they could get in touch with Ocean Rescue Freeport. They just looked at me funny and nodded. Whatever that meant.
Looks like we will be here till Monday. Just noticed on my weather system there is a Tropical Depression down on the Yucatan Peninsula. Hope it stays there.
Happy days

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