We have finished a really nice and interesting leg of our long journey home. Ft. Lauderdale, to Miami, to Marathon, and finally Panama City. We weren’t connected very often and we haven’t done much posting. So as we are resting up in Panama City we will catch up on our blog.
A typical run out of Port Everglades in Ft Lauderdale.
When we decide to get moving… we get moving. What took us almost a month to do on the way down to Ft. Lauderdale, we did in 4 days on our way back up to the Panhandle.
It was a good trip around the Keys and across the Gulf. The seas were flat for the most part, the sunrises and sunsets were beautiful, even a little weather drama toward the end to keep us awake on the long last night out.

This boat didn’t make the cut at Port Everglades.

We left the yacht club on Saturday afternoon to make a short run to Miami. It’s a day’s cruise down Hawks Channel to Marathon so by leaving from Miami we will be able to arrive at Marathon Marina in the daylight. This way we can give the pups a couple of walks to get them ready for the long 50 hour Gulf crossing coming up.

Leaving Goverment cut in Miami at 0:dark:30; we turn the corner only to be forced to share the inlet with this huge cruise ship.

We stayed at Miami Marina. It’s very expensive ($4.00 a foot) and very rolly. None of us cared for it much but because it is located on South Beach we thought we would find a good restaurant. We forgot it was Saturday night and we didn’t have reservation anywhere. So it was a forgettable/early night/early start down to the Keys.

Next up: Leaving Marathon and crossing the Gulf of Mexico.

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