As we motor under 7 Mile bridge at Marathon… This day is beautiful! The seas in Florida Bay are flat, the sun is shining, and it’s gonna be a good run.

We do see a dark cloud on the horizon but it’s downwind of us and shouldn’t be a problem. But if you enlarge the photo above you will see the beginnings of a waterspout. Luckily it didn’t develop.
Ole and Radar hangin out on the bow, soakin up rays, and havin a cigar.
And this is the way the day ended.

As the sun sinks into the Gulf we are anticipating a nice night. We are always a little apprehensive during the first few hours of night running. Getting our eyes acclimated, adjusting the electronics, and convincing ourselves that if it’s not on the radar, it’s not out there… takes a little while. But soon we gain our confidence and later we just become sleepy.

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Happy days

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