We think a good Gulf crossing is an uneventful one and at this point it’s been a really good crossing. Not much to do out here… just point at Panama City and keep an eye out for any obstacles. We didn’t alter course for well over 400 miles… so not many obstacles.

But when the Dolphins show up it’s like old friends stopping by unexpectedly. We’re always excited to see them and they actually seem to enjoy us also. They love to play and show off in our bow wave.
Mel likes to go out on the bow and play with them by waving and talking to them. They do play a lot more when she does and when she tires they leave.
It’s kinda funny… but when we cruise by them and they’re off in the distance they’ll quickly sprint over to see us.
Then the show begins

I like it when they look me in the eyes… and they always seem to be smiling.

A few more Dolphin photos here

Happy days

Next up: Crossing the Gulf – Panama City: Day two

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