We just can’t seem to turn Istaboa north to start heading home so we’ve decided to leave Perdido Key and head over to Palifox marina in downtown Pensacola. But as we were entering the channel and I was hailing Palifox marina I heard on the radio “Istaboa, Istaboa, Coast Guard vessel 43201 calling”. I thought it was a mistake and I answered back that I’m calling the marina not the Coast Guard. Then Mel looks back and spots this boat.
They asked if I had ever been boarded by the USCG and I answered no. Their reply was “Well this is your lucky day”.

I stopped and they came onboard. They were a training crew and, all except for the Lieutenant, this was their first boarding also. They were very respectful and generally a bunch of nice fellows. They just wanted to do what they had been trained to do. We passed our safety inspection, they said thanks, and that was over.

Now on to Palifox marina.

Next up: Music in the park.

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