The anchorage at Mile 39.2 on the waterway. A storm was threating but it just rained a bit.
Left at first light… but when we rounded the first bend we were socked in by fog. Luckily I ran a track line on my charting software on the the trip down. So… I just followed that line and watched the radar because we could not see a thing.
Soon the sun started up and the wind rose with it. The fog cleared after a few miles.
After a long day’s run we arrived at Coffeeville Lock. Had to negotiate with this bird for the pin but he relented.

We are now in Columbus where we found bandwidth so we uploaded a few shots. We will fill in the blanks in a few days so check back with us. we are almost home. Got lots of Waterway pics.

We often stay at Columbus Marina on our trips up and down the Tenntom. So we called Chuck the owner and he told us of a new restaurant on site. We left Demopolis and headed that way.

It’s a 135 mile trip and 3 locks so it took all day and luck at the locks. Our luck held out until we got to Columbus where we were hung up for a couple of hours…. but we made it in before dark. We were too tired to go to Chuck’s new restaurant but we may stay an exra day and rest up.

As I am posting this I see a truck pulling up. Also a TV van. Guess they’re going to have a big Bass Fishing Tournament. So we may not stay. It will become very crowded and we don’t know if we are ready for this quite yet.

Next up: Midway or Bay Springs Marina

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