Ok… we’ve made it back to Pickwick and we’re proud to say we did it with no loss of blood. The waterway can be a grueling run if you get in a hurry and because we had spent so much time in the Bahamas we were pushing it kinda hard.

Now to fill in the blanks.

When we left Pensacola we only went as far as Orange Beach, AL. We stayed at the Wharf Marina and had dinner at Ginny Lane’s….A very good restaurant.

Woke up at the crack of dawn and pushed out of Bon Secour Bay and into Mobile Bay.
On this day we ran through Mobile and up as far as mile marker 39.2 which is a nice quiet little anchorage. (pictures of the anchorage in the previous post called The Waterway)
We left early to make it to Bobby’s Fish Camp and ran through the fog for a while. Finally pulled into Bobby’s at around 4:oo. The pups were glad to see grass.

We had passed these sailboaters a couple of times in the last 2 days and now they were coming around the bend heading for Bobby’s to spend the night.

Very nice folks.

Jay and Nancy on Serendipity were from Oak Ridge, TN

Lee and Susan aboard Restless from Jonesville, VA.

They had been living aboard for the last 2 years and were heading for home in Tennessee.

Oddly enough another sailboater was already tied up at Bobby’s and later when we all started talking we found out Jeff and Elizabeth on Decisive were heading for the same Marina as the other two boats. Blue Springs Marina on Watts Bar lake, The Tennessee River.

We are heading for Memphis tomorrow; the 4th of July. To our home in the dirt and the woods at Rocky Point. We have a lot more story to tell and a lot of nice pics of the waterway. We will post more tomorrow when we have full blown high speed internet.

Happy 4th of July everyone.

Happy days

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