So that’s it… We did what we set out to do.
Left Tennessee, took the waterway down to the Gulf of Mexico, crossed the Gulf, went down to the Keys, up to Ft. Lauderdale, across the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas, across Little Bahama Bank to the Abacos, hung out there and had a great time, then turned around and reversed the whole trip. That’s it… The whole rambling trip in one rambling sentence.
A picture taken from inside our sun room of the little deer that doesn’t want to leave Rocky Point
It’s nice being home and seeing all our friends in Memphis. I have enjoyed being back at work except for having to wear shoes. I may have to go back to wearing flip flops. This could be our new corporate look.
Mary, who was kind enough to keep our house while we were away, has stayed with us for the week. Today she is closing on her new home. Congratulations Mary!

Richard on his horse Little General came by to say hello.

We will probably do another trip this fall. Cruising the beautiful Tennessee river in the fall is always fun.

We have really enjoyed doing this blog and thanks everyone for all the kind comments.

Hopefully, if we are as fortunate as we have been, there will be an Istaboa’s cruise 2008.

Here’s to everyone’s health and happiness,

Bob and Melonie and Radar and Sadie

Happy days…

We have changed the format of the archives to show start to finish. If you care to see how this little sojourn started goto archives and click on Catching Up

So until the next cruise…

That’s all folks

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