On this weekend we did something a little different than our usual —hang out on the boat, read, do chores, and boat ride— Our friends and dock neighbors, Mike and Janie who own Abracadabra, have just taken possession of their new plane. They offered to take us flying and we took them up on it. We have never flown over the lake in anything other than a commercial jet and it’s truly beautiful at low altitudes. The day was perfectly clear and the ride was awesome.
The leaves are just starting to turn as you can see from this shot above Bear Creek heading north.
We buzzed Aqua Yacht Harbor
This is the beginning or the end (however you want to look at it) of the TennTom Waterway.
Then we buzzed Mike’s and Janie’s home before returning to the Savannah, TN airport.
What a great day! Thanks Mike and Janie — and congratulations on the Babester. She’s a gorgeous airplane.

Next post will be for you boaters who are techie types. We have been rebuilding the computer navigation system in Istaboa and when we finally nail it down we will post it. Some of you may enjoy it if you’re into that sort of thing. No pretty pictures (unless you like computers and wires)

Happy Days

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