Today was a long run. 90 miles and a lock- so we got an early start. The sun was just rising as we left Joe Wheeler Marina. A couple of other boats left at about the same time and followed us the whole way. It is best to travel in groups when having to negotiate with the locks. There is power in numbers and when 3 or 4 pleasure boats are scattered around the lock’s arrival point the Tow Boat Captains, who have priority over us, usually tells the lockmaster to go ahead and lock us up. To get us out of his way I am sure.
Our fellow cruisers with Painted Bluff in the background. About mile marker 348. Very close to Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. This is where the first missles used in space launches were built and tested. Also the home of Nasa’s Space camp
After we lock up we make the bend and I always take a picture of this tree stand. The contrasting colors are very appealing to me.

We are almost done for the day. Guntersville Yacht Club will be our stay.

Still waiting for work to call us back- but so far so good.

Happy days

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