Finally bandwidth!! Downtown Chattanooga is always fun. Plenty to do. Restaurants, museums, Imax theater, and not just a great aquarium but two great aquariums. The folks in Chattanooga seem to be very laid back and nice. Memphis and Nashville could take a lesson or two from these folks when it comes to hospitality.
Radar does his glamour shot at the steps in front of the water cannons. He is quite a natural at this… we do not pose him… we just wait until he is ready for his picture to be taken.

and this is just a weird picture of an old wooden sailboat. Has nothing to do with anything I just liked the color and patina of the old wood.
While here we met a very nice couple. They docked behind us at the downtown marina.
Robert, Dana, and their dog Bristol. They were on a very pretty Fountain boat and we struck up a conversation about our friend, David, from Pier 57 Fountain Sales at Pickwick. The dogs also became great friends and had a big time chasing each other around the water front. Nice folks, nice night.
Sunday morning brought brunch and a cruise back down the Gorge to Hales Bar. Friends and In-Laws (or Out-laws) Frattatas and Mimosas were consumed… Music was by Allison Krauss and Union Station… and a good time was had by all.
Well as luck would have it– work did call us back– so we have been pushing hard to get home.
Next up: Eagles, color, and a storm or two.
Happy days

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