Radar takes us to lunch in Hopetown.
He has become quite a little celebrity here on Elbow Cay. As we walk into Harbor’s Edge for lunch we overhear people whisper his name. Some folks even asked to take his picture.

It’s hard out here for a pup!
He is a good little guy in a restaurant. Just give him a french fry ever so often and he stays still.

On the way back to Seaspray we stopped at On Da Beach and had a Margarita. (Not Radar, he just had ice… He likes to fight when he drinks Tequila)

On Da Beach is a cool little bar, which of course is on the beach. They have a Sunday Special that they claim is the cure for the common hangover.

Chicken Souse

Happy days!!

One Response to “Radar lunch”

  1. Olson B Parker
    22 April 2007 at 9:55 pm #

    Some people I know like to “Table Top” dance when they have had Tekillya!! Blowing the dog off the chain here Stateside!.