We dinked over to the Abaco Inn last night for dinner with our friends Ron and Nancy from Duet. Dinner was great, company was better… Rack of Lamb, good wine, and lobster. After dinner Ron and Nancy left for their boat, we walked down to the dock only to discover our dingy was missing.
There was a fellow on the dock named David who was talking on a handheld radio. He walked over and asked if we had lost a dingy. Of course we said yes and how did he know. He gave us some vague story about a drunk guy and our dingy that we still do not understand. But the bottom line was our dink was gone and some drunk guy took it. David was talking to BASRA (Bahamian Coast Guard) on the radio and I overheard stuff like bleeding badly, Tahiti beach, and we’re trying to get him back on the boat. We obviously thought the worst. But after about an hour BASRA delivered our dink back to us. It was unharmed except for being rather bloody and about half tank of fuel gone. So all’s well that ends well I guess.
We still don’t know exactly what happened but will investigate when David (Abaco Inn Manager) returns tomorrow. He was definiately withholding some information for some reason.
Note to self… Never leave the keys in your dingy… not even in the Abacos.

One Response to “Dingy night”

  1. Joanne
    27 April 2007 at 1:45 pm #

    Too funny…….please keep us posted on the update. Poor guy!!!
    Joanne and Steve