Early in the morning when the sun has just come up it paints the waterway in it’s fresh light and makes for some beautiful images. These white cliffs reflecting off the mirror like water is one of prettier spots along the way.

The approach to Whitten Lock. The last one.
And when these doors close it’s symbolically the end of the locks, the end of the waterway, and the end of Istaboa’s cruise. This is where it started… this is where it ends.

We pull into Bay Springs marina to stay the night. It’s been only 70 miles but we had to lock 7 times which makes for a long day. We could have made it to Pickwick today but we are still not ready to go home. We will wait one more day.

Next up: Pickwick, home, the end

One Response to “The run to Bay Springs”

  1. Anonymous
    8 July 2007 at 8:57 pm #

    Gee I am going to miss all this fun !!! Maybe we’ll meet on the water again accidentally or intentionally!! We had fun on your trip with you. Hope to go to the Abacos even to stay in a cottage soon. You’ll have to give ua your recommendations. Ever since we went to key West and i wound up in the hospital, I am a little edgy about out of the country !! Help me !Thanks for all the fun. I hope this will stay online for awhile. I’m no quite through with it !!! Love, Gail